SA, 5151. The majority of Adelaide schools are government schools. School Ranking Home. The following table lists the 2019 best (top quarter among all schools) secondary schools in … The school or program you are interested in might not be listed, so please contact the individual secondary school to find out what they offer. If you are looking for all girls’ education options, please contact: Information about the International Baccalaureate is available from IB Schools Australasia. When your child is eligible to begin school will depend on their date of birth, and whether you're applying to public or private school. million, Page views: over Top Adelaide Non-government Secondary Schools | South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, is a friendly welcoming and vibrant city and repeatedly ranks among the world’s top 10. Secondary school: This is also known as “high school.” Students must attend every weekday until they graduate in their final year at around 18 years of age. Currently, I am a year 11 international student at Unley High School. As part of the curriculum, South Australian government schools offer a language learning option. Adelaide is South Australia’s elegant and sophisticated capital city with beautiful parks, magnificent stone buildings, beaches, vineyards and a stunning coastline. He … It has held this reputation since its inception. • Aberfoyle Park High School, a special interest high school focusing on Ignite: Students with High Intellectual Potential Adelaide Education Group CRICOS Provider Code: 03133G Registered Training Organisation Code: 40312 School Number: 398 ABN: 85 132 879 086 It becoming part of the new Adelaide High School in 1908 signalled a broader acceptance of state secondary schooling. Compare your options side by side to pick the best school for your child. All programs on offer at Adelaide High School are underpinned by our school motto … Containing within itself elements of both private and state schools, the Advanced School was a catalyst in the development of both systems. This list contains 202 results. Find out how the top schools in this state or territory are stacked up with the best schools in other states and territories Phone: 8463 5914Email: education.StrategicDesign [at], (Please provide an email address if you would like a response), Information about the International Baccalaureate is available from, Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum, Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) resource library, Wellbeing for Learning and Life framework, Aboriginal Programs Assistance Scheme (APAS), Immunisation requirements for early childhood services, Children with disability and special needs, Inclusive Education Support program (IESP), NDIS and the provision of educational services, Non-department service provider access to preschools and schools procedure, Protecting children and young people with disability, Flexible learning options (FLO) and enrolment, Child protection policies and interagency guidelines, Targeted Learning Services – mental health and trauma, ACCEPT education 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