Sale Price: 125.00 Original Price: 150.00. sobre 10.) Exotic Genetix is a US based company that breeds original cannabis hybrids. Exotic Genetix Citrique Reg 10 pk. Exotic Genetix: Chromatose reg 10pk. Neem for IPM and no sign of pests throughout. A Sativa Dominant Hybrid. Mixing Orange Valley OG & The Cube with C&C, Bootylicious smells like gas tanks and cupcakes. place gagne! von 10!) Citrique by Exotic Genetix. by @notill.hankhill on Strainly. exotic genetix. D. Get the Best Deals on your Exotic Genetix Seeds from the Greatest Seed Bank in the Galaxy. as soon as i open the teeny tiny gram, an arouma of lemon, but wayy to strong to be justt lemon pours out. According to Leafly, “ Lime Skunk, not to be confused with Lime Green Skunk, is the odoriferous offspring of DNA Genetic’s Lemon Skunk and Exotic Genetix’ Green Ribbon BX, and the latest offering from Cresco Labs. Reactions: numberfour, eastcoastled, akhiymjames and 1 other person. MORE PRODUCTS. Citrique is from Lime Skunk and SFV OG Kush parentage. THC: 22-26%. The king of Exotics. Sale Price: 100.00 Original Price: 150.00. Out of Stock. Order your viable feminized, regular, or auto-flowering marijuana seeds from Seeds For Me seed bank. Ici vous pouvez trouver toutes les informations sur l'éleveur de cannabis Exotic Genetix. $125.00 Moose Tracks ... Citrique. Brown Bag Farm Goods Seed Bank offers new, exclusive, rare, deadstock, landrace and heirloom seeds to all growers whether they grow commercially or are home growers. Exotic Genetix – Citrus Berry. Grown under SK closet case 100w. Exotic Genetix have won awards for their amazing marijuana strains every year since 2012, winning the 2014 US Cannabis Cup (Denver) with their frosty Cookies & Cream winning Best US Hybrid! Like a blackberry smoothie this will hit you in the mouth with flavor. Yield : Heavy Producer . No matter you are an experienced or beginner grower, you find that you want. Early on in the medical days I would donate time in exchange for garden equipment at my local hydro store. » Shop » Exotic Genetix » Exotic Genetix – Strawberries & Cream RETIRED. Genetics : Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG. Out of Stock. Out of stock. The Exotic Genetix is the seed bank from US that was founded in 2008. Nous avons collecté des informations sur 191 Variétés de Cannabis de race par Exotic Genetix (6 de ces variétés ont été évaluées par les utilisateurs de SeedFinder, avec une note moyenne de 7.25 SHN Merch; Help. Vous trouverez ici toutes les informations sur Citrique de Exotic Genetix.Si vous recherchez des informations sur Citrique de Exotic Genetix, consultez L'Info Principale ou Lignée / Généalogie sur cette variété de cannabis ici sur cette page, et suivez les liens pour obtenir encore plus d'informations. Citrique Exotic Genetix Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG. Add to cart. He's a real breeder, stress testing his males like a conscientious breeder should. Citrique: Exotic Genetix- LIME SKUNK X ORANGE VALLEY OG (10) REG. Cookies & Cream Exotic Genetix Mystery Cookies x Starfighter F2. Thread starter toaster struedel; ... (citrique and kimbof2) I'm happy to say I got 4 keepers out of 8 fudge females and there wasn't a single plant I wasn't happy with. Home / Shop / Cannabis Seeds / Exotic Genetix: Chromatose reg 10pk. Based on 62 reviews. Citrique -Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG $ 75.00 Add to cart. Yield: Heavy. Home › Exotic Genetix. Exotic Genetix – Citrique RETIRED $ 98.88 Read more. We ship packages out daily securely and safely with additional guaranteed-delivery shipping options, so … I gave a pal some kimbo beans and I'm hoping to get a cut back soon. $125.00 Sold Out 4 Kings. It has a wide range of seeds that also has medical value. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve your experience with personalized content and ads. $125.00 Citrique. Qty. 1 each. Genetics: Lime Skunk X Orange Valley OG Indica/Sativa 40/60 Flowering Time: 56-63 days Kimbo Kush x Orange Valley OG. Citrique (Exotic Genetix) for $150 per ea. Citrique is a flavourful sativa strain. Patient’s report this […] 4 Kings. This sativa-dominant strain by Exotic Genetix boasts THC content and an unparalleled aroma of fresh limes. A sativa dominant strain, Citrique leaves you uplifted and refreshed making it great for day time use. 3 In The Pink. CITRIQUE (SMALLS) – SATIVA – (AAA) A cross between Lime Skunk and orange valley OG. "Finding my way to Citrus" cannabis grow journal. 4.3. The result is incredible, producing an absolutely pungent strain. mostly-indica indica-sativa mostly-sativa unknown. Exotix Genetix created this strain by crossing Lime Skunk and Orange Valley OG. All I can say is wow. WONKA BARS: Exotic Genetix – GMO x … Home / Exotic Genetix / Citrique -Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG. Exotic Genetix Exotiques Genetix Seeds est une société de semences de cannabis basée à Washington qui produit des hybrides de cannabis originaux et a remporté de nombreuses récompenses chaque année depuis 2012, avec des victoires 11 pour la première place de la Cannabis Cup, 7 pour la deuxième place et 4 pour le troisième. élevé par Exotic Genetix. Xotic Seeds. eta im doing his subbie seeds grape ox x cherry puff x banana cream which i believe is a cross of exotic genetics and rare dankness goodiies Edited May 31, 2017 by r3d 4 people like this Exotic Genetix – Strawberries & Cream RETIRED $ 198.88. This place is top notch. Citrique -Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG $ 75.00. Exotic Genetix have won awards for their phenomenal cannabis strains every year since 2012, with Cookies & Cream winning Best US and best hash in 2015. Grown in FF ocean forest, worm crap, peat moss and vermiculite. LA OG Kush X … Miami Heat -Miami Haze x Triple OG $ 75.00. Type : 60% Sativa / 40% Indica . Trap Star. Wishlist. This flower is a sure fire favorite for patients looking for abundant citrus flavor and an energized effect. Aroma : Citrus Limeade. Citrique -Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG $ 75.00 Add to cart Candy Apple Kush -Sour Apple x Triple OG $ 75.00. Exotic Genetix: Citrique reg 10pk $ 150.00 Genetics : Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG Flowering Time : 56-63 Days Sex : Regular Type : 60% Sativa / 40% Indica Height : Medium – Tall Yield : Heavy Producer Aroma : Citrus Limeade Sold Out. exotic genetix. Terpene profile The buds are bright green and orange. PEANUT BUTTER N' COOKIES: EXOTIC GENETICS (10) Reg. Height : Medium - Tall . Citrus Berry Exotic Genetix Kimbo Kush x Orange Valley OG. Sale; Exotic Genetix Hazelnut Cream Reg 10 pk. Out of Stock. Flowering Time : 56-63 Days . by @notill.hankhill on Strainly. The company produces top-quality cannabis. And I'm fussy as hell! ExoticGenetix - Citrique (Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG) Mother: Lime Skunk Father: Orange Valley OG Family: 60/40 Sativa Sex: Reg Growing Conditions: Multi-topped bush Flowering Time: 56-63 Days Height: Medium/Tall Yield: Heavy Producer Aroma: Citrus Limeade. Add your review $ 150.00 $ 125.00. Crystal Blue Exotic Genetix Spirit in the Sky x Mr. White. Our Citrique cut was hunted in house and is bursting with floral aroma and citrus flavor. Would like to flip the citrique i purchased but damn just snowed under with strains at the moment lol. Top dressed with build-a-soil top dress kit in 5 gallon smart pots. Dark Side of The Moon Exotic Genetix Spirit in the Sky x Green Ribbon BX. ! its definalitly more of a lime with a touch of lemon. 4 Kings. ... Name: Citrique Origin: Exotic Genetix Parents: Lime Skunk and Orange Valley OG Indica/Sativa Content: Indica: 30% Sativa: 70% THC/CBD Content: THC: 22%-25% CBD: 1% Citrique (Exotic Genetix) for $150 per ea. $125.00 $100.00.