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The Criteria and Standards of Quality : Exploration in Quality Assement and Monitoring

Quite obviously , the criteria and standards of quality are the concrete and detailed representations of the more general concepts which constitute the definition of quality . In that way , this second volume is linked to the first ; and it uses the opportunity to judge the criteria by the degree to which they correspond the more general definitions and to their social purposes . But there is much else besides , particularly concerning the methods for constructing the criteria and the characteristics of the criteria as tools for measure ment . Later , all this is gathered into a classification of the criteria that embodies the findings of the earlier chapters , followed by a detailed exposition of what further research remains to be done . Finally , in the appendixes there are examples of criteria that I use to illustrate the text , and which the reader can scan in search of a format that suits his needs . Thus , though this volume builds on the preceding one , it goes several steps forward , and I have taken great pains to enable the reader to begin with this volume , referring to my earlier work only if he wishes . The criteria and standards of quality deserve the most careful study because through them we hope to transform the concepts and policies of quality monitoring into the cutting edge that is meant to reshape everyday practice . But , because the criteria represent , in microcosm , the entire universe of concerns that impinge on quality assessment and monitoring , it is difficult to draw the boundaries of the subject under study . Nor is it clear how the mass of information that one can easily assemble is to be meaningfully analyzed . A major purpose of this exploration , therefore , was to develop the principles and categories of thought by which the subject matter could be defined , classified , and understood . This was an attempt , in other words , to take some steps , however few or small , toward establishing a science of criteria . I leave it to my readers to determine to what extent , if any , I have succeeded .
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Volume II
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