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Thesis : Upaya Peningkatan Readiness For Change Dalam Rangka Akreditasi Puskesmas (Studi Kasus di Kabupaten Magelang)

In order to ensure quality improvement, performance improvement, and continuously implementation of risk management in Primary Health Care (PHC), it is necessary to do an assessment by the external stakeholder using the standards assigned through accreditation mechanism. In 2015, there was 37,93% (11 PHCs) in Magelang District that are ready to change into accredited PHC. Meanwhile there were 62,07% (18 PHCs) that were not ready yet to become accredited PHC. This means that the PHC that were ready to change into accredited PHC still low.
Objective of this research was to compose recommendation to increase readiness for change of PHC become accredited PHC.
This was observational research with cross sectional design. This research used simple random sampling technique with sample size as much as 23 PHC and data analyzed with multiple regression test. Strategic issues obtained then used as the material for Focus Group Discussion (FGD).
Results of the research showed that readiness for change was affected by change content, change process, change context and individual attribute. From change content aspect, the most influencing variable toward readiness for change were administration system (B= 0.201). In change process aspect, the most influencing variables toward readiness for change was job involvement (B=0.194). In the change context aspect, the most influencing variables toward readiness of change was management support from District Health Office (B=0.167). Meanwhile from individual attribute, the most influencing variables was perception (B=0.147).
As the research recommendations it is required to do (1) intensive assistance to PHC, both from District Health Office or another stakeholder, (2) the necessity of commitment raising for all employees of PHC, (3) increasing perception related to the benefit of accreditation and job involvement for the employee in PHC related to accreditation.
Keywords : readiness for change, primary health care, accreditation
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