Please explain. Definitely a cool place, with great scenery and a lot of fun mtb. I'd call that pretty low use, considering the ease of access on all sides. Fantastic in-town trail system with some uber-technical sections. 2h 00m, did so better trails 20.2 km Palmer Park … 0h 35m, MOSTLY PLAYING AROUND CHEYENNE TRAIL — 1,361' Down A Colorado Springs man who died of injuries from a mountain-bike crash in Palmer Park last month was an Air Force Academy graduate and retired … North side of Templeton is much better now. • All in all this trail is fun to go ride every now and then. 868' Up (heading south) turn right on Maizeland Rd. Police say he was with a group of mountain bikers near the Lazy Land trailhead at the time of the accident. Trail, improvements — I ride a xc hardtail and have a blast challenging myself on most of the trails (though I do beat the heck out of my big chain-ring, and my body!) Much of this was very difficult on my full-rigid bike, but it was all doable with some pushing where things were too eroded or poorly maintained. From Academy Blvd. Central, sunny and lower-elevation, Palmer Park is an all-season go-to. — City of Detroit Bike Routes Palmer Park Mountain Bike Trails This trail is more technical in places than Ute Valley Park or other rides in town. The were some technical sections but they weren't the fun kind of technical. Love this place can just get on my bike and ride the 4.5 miles to get there. 12mi 2h 03m, great trail one of my favorite in Colorado Springs Had awesome time! The degree to which you will like riding here probably larger depends on how much you like rocks. A great place to ride after work or any time. Day use fees are $10.00 per vehicle, cash or check only. The four mile loop that circumnavigates the top of the mesa in the center of the park. The Templeton Trail begins and ends at the Yucca Flats trailhead. I start either at the baseball diamonds or at the Greencrest trailhead off Austin Bluffs and circle the park using Greencrest trail, Palmer Point, Cheyenne, Grandview, and a couple others, for a 7-mile loop. Announce when you approach a blind corner, helps avoid collision. The signage is terrible and there are unmarked spur trails everywhere just … Even many of the beginner trails will have a number or rocks and or small drops. • 17.3 km The trail is not terribly technical, but there are enough drops and steep climbs to keep you on your toes. • Being a jerk / offensive? 1,350' Down Paved and natural-surfaced trails allow visitors to explore the park’s expansive forest and wetlands. 12.7 km Palmer Park is almost right in the middle of town (north of the airport, south of Chapel Hills Mall). Visitors to the park can explore its more than 25 miles of trails, including both single- and double- track trails for mountain biking, hiding, and horseback riding, whether on their own horses or those rented from the in-park stables. 8mi The trails that I was able to find were more suited to hiking than mountain biking. Very fun and is a hidden jewel in the center of the city! Widgets, Explore   Our most often ridden trail system is Palmer Park, but we try to hit all the fun loops in our area over the course of a year. Palmer Park offers more than 300 acres of greenspace within the City of Wyoming, including a wooded main recreation area that is popular for group picnics and events. There are three main options. They were rocky and slow. The 1.8-mile “Loop Trail” is a bit more challenging than the “Price Valley Trail.” The “Price Valley Trail” is 1.7 miles long (one way) ending at Darwin Road, a seasonal road that is not plowed. 12.1 km From cross-country to downhill racing, through to trail riding and playing in the local woods. And this winter, someone decorated the trees along a stretch of tame trail with Christmas decor. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Has easy, intermediate, and expert trails. 96.5 m Up 1h 30m, Great ride, a little sandy in some areas, though. The park is open from dawn 'til dusk daily. The one from Rincon Springs (County Road S6) is scenic but rathe… Meeting up to ride Palmer Park in Colorado Springs. Some easy to intermediate rock drops-or climbs. B Palmer Park Primary Trail 2.09.11 E Palmer Park Mountain Bike Trail 2.09.11- Please click to enlarge and enjoy! Finally, every high school stoner and then some seem to migrate to PP parking areas to light up...definitely not a fan. Semi long stretches of uphill, challenging yet doable for beginners. If you're looking for rock hopping, there are some seriously technical spots along Palmer Point trail, especially where it overlooks Greencrest. The victim’s name has not been released. Best Bike Trails | Two of them can be accessed from the kiosk on Wheeler Road. • On the easy trails you might run into a horse or two and definitely some road apples. Support Us | 264.45 m Up This trail can get really muddy after a rain storm and is made of a thick clay that will get stuck all over your bike. 12.9mi 1,680' Down Trailforks ranks trails with a combination of user ratings and raw trail usage data from rides. 12.1mi 7.9 mi whoever maintains the trail has done a horrible job with signage. 261.79 m Down, 10.8 mi Trails in Palmer Park - 15 MTB Project is built by riders like you. Trails are open to foot traffic only, and dogs and mountain bikes are not allowed on trails. I have ever only taken the blue sections of this trial. The trail is not terribly technical, but there are enough drops and steep climbs to keep you on your toes. 1,672' Up Would say it is about 50/50 of dry to ice/snow/mud. Very steep. 509.68 m Up Moderately steep. 1h 45m, no flow technical There are a couple mountain bike trail systems located right in town, with Palmer Park and Ute Park offering easy access to riding. Intermediate Mountain Biking. Lots of gnar out there. Palmer Park: HIking and Biking Palmer Park - See 282 traveler reviews, 38 candid photos, and great deals for Colorado Springs, CO, at Tripadvisor. The trails criss-cross every section of the park and can be combined for some really long rides. 14.7mi, so many trails to choose from, it almost wasn't fun. Steep. IMBA Epics | 857' Down trails. This is the way I do it. • There's only about 120-150 feet in elevation change, but the ascents are all pretty steep and really get the heart pounding. Lots of technical over rocks and drops. Riding at every level! You'll learn to ride in sand, climb and descend. The park is surprisingly large despite its location in the center of town. This page, Bradley Palmer State Park, is part of Accessible hiking and golfing; show more; Snowmobile Trails in State Parks; Horseback riding trails in state parks; Canoeing and Kayaking in Massachusetts; Cross-Country Skiing in Massachusetts; Hiking in Massachusetts State Parks; Mountain Biking Trails in … NOT OKAY! Reservations are highly recommended for camping during peak season. Also keep in mind that there is a lot of non-mountain bike traffic. A 53-year-old Colorado Springs man died of injuries he suffered in a crash and fall while mountain biking Saturday in Palmer Park, police said. But I'll still be there whenever its warm enough this winter, since it's close to home. Coming from SD, this is a bit challenging riding but fun! 1h 45m, small amount of ice on north facing trails The man was riding with a group when he lost control of his bike and fell near the Lazy Land mountain biking trail, police said. About Us | The Bay Circuit Trail a d the Discover Hamilto Trail wi d through the park. COLORADO SPRINGS– A man is dead after a mountain biking accident at Palmer Park on Saturday. Lower rating is only due to I'm a fan of longer rides. • In that will, he stipulates if the city were to ever sell any or all of the park, the city would pay his heirs the retail price of the park. Everything hip or bohemian is out west, and all the new growth is up north. Posts about Mountain biking written by Matt Carey. Overall the place is fun minus the hike-a-bike sections. 414.73 m Down, 12.5 mi Mountain biking is a fun and fast off-road cycling discipline that takes many forms. I cannot add much to the already well written reviews so I'll just say - "ride there!". Palmer Park offers some tantalizing features: 25 miles of hiking trails, a dog park, unique rock formations, and some of the best views of Pikes Peak. Nice after work quick burn ride, too many non-riders taking advantage of open space - so let's light up..??? Around 10:00 a.m., a 53-year-old Colorado Springs man lost control of his bike and fell, according to Colorado Springs Police. by Adam Nurmi You'll have to beware of dogs off-leash, horses, and hikers, but most people are cool and polite. Lots of rocks , roots, good views and technical areas. It's a good place to take somone from out of town because the climbs aren't too big. This is about an injury or accident Stop and say hello to your fellow humans. Trails are marked but easy to get lost I recommend driving around the park a bit before hitting the trails and strava helps. Palmer Park is a bit of a conundrum. There are great views of Pikes Peak and downtown Colorado Springs. 12mi, Lots of snow/ice/mud in the shade. Palmer Park gives plenty of opportunities to “step up” to new challenges. Some technical terrain and limited alternate lines. — Palmer Park is one of the largest park/open spaces in the city of Colorado Springs. Just a few stretches of ice. — COLORADO SPRINGS– A man is dead after a mountain biking accident at Palmer Park on Saturday. 412.11 m Up Wolf Pack MTB is a great way to find riders similar to your ability. This is a heavily used urban park. A 52-year-old Colorado Springs man died of injuries he suffered in a crash and fall while mountain biking Saturday in Palmer Park, police said. We found one good downhill run with a pile of small jumps. Something else? You can easily spend all day here, if you have enough energy that is! • 10mi, Really muddy, very poor markings of the trails Can get busy on warm weekends, some leash their dogs, watch out for loose dogs as well. Most of our singletrack experiences are 5 to 25 miles in distance and 1 to 5 hours in duration. What should be a moderate trail often turns into a black diamond due to washouts, roots, and exposed boulders. The high elevation of Palmer Park relative to the city of Colorado Springs provides many long distance vistas At 730.7 acres in size, the park contains over 25 miles of trails for horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. Trust me when I say there's something for everyone here! I rode at 6pm on a weekday, and saw only 2 other bikers and maybe 10 hikers on a 7-mile loop. Company   Meet at parking lot entrance on Maizeland Rd by Academy intersection. Despite sitting in the heart of the city, Palmer Park is not in the immediate vicinity of great bike shops or post-ride establishments. Technical terrain with no alternate lines. Ride Palmer Park for the first time yesterday and was impressed at the quality of riding in the middle of the urban area. There are great views of Pikes Peak and downtown Colorado Springs. 861' Up 411.42 m Down, 4.0 mi 95.3 m Down. An extra pair might be warranted. Good single track as stated from other reviewers located in the heart of the city.