Most foes in the game/wasteland you can just hide/stealth kill all day long with no problem. I was wondering what skills you guys suggest I tag and why. Welcome to a brand new series where I will be showing you how to play fallout new vegas on hardcore mode and very hard. Holy crap, game is freaking hard. Perfectionist longplay on the hardest difficulty (of very hard) and with hardcore mode enabled. Trying to take out the NCR Correctional Facility at level 3 with that difficulty level is not advisable lol. Bit spongy, still end up OP by the end, but it was alright. Lots of fun, the difficulty was perfect. Very hard + Hardcore + PN= madness? I get 2-3 shot by powder gangers with pistols ?? Fire Axes with 50 melee have a special knockdown move that destroys cazadores and deathclaws, and the perk And Stay Back! Vanilla and max graphics (series later upgraded to 60fps). If you have a good idea of how to play this game and know you want to have a good time with a smidgen of challenge, play on hard. The Very Hard and Survival Difficulties of Fallout 4. Then just apply the philosophy of kick him while he's down and you're good. Anyway, just wanted to share. Here's where the difference between you and your enemies increases immensely and the greatest change in difficulty takes effect: Damage Dealt and Taken Very Hard and Survival are similar in a couple of ways. I plan on making a fighter, not a lover, (though not sure what build yet) and plan on going the "evil path" ( bad karma). I found it to be trivially difficult past mid-game, even on very hard with hardcore mode. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Energy Weapons vs Guns on Very Hard Hardcore". If you'd like to have a lot of freedom with your build, perks and weapons, then play on normal. - posted in New Vegas Discussion: So i decide to do one more play through and for fun I thought let's try this n very hard, lol oh my was I surprised ?. I hear good things about the survival skill, but have also saw that some think it is worthless. Only Fallout 3. Just beat New Vegas JSawyer Hardcore Mod on Hard. ?, small geckos 2 hits and I'm done ? The game's difficulty can be adjusted during gameplay at any time, back and forth, ranging from Very Easy to Very Hard. The only problem on very hard mode is in certain tight areas with hard foes, like deathclaw caves where you instantly are attacked by 3+ deathclaws, making killing them fast kinda hard unless you are really topped off with gear, weapons. Things with this settings are nearly impossible at the beginning let's say from lvl 1-8? I'm doing a blind playthrough, and to because I'm a masochist, I'm doing it on Very Hard with Hardcore Mode, and I just added the JSawyer Ultimate Edition mod as well. I just bought Ultimate edition of New Vegas and was going to do a hardcore/very hard play through for the challenge. I feel compelled to play it on the hardest difficulty possible, any tips on avoiding the possibility of a VERY premature death? Does the same thing for shotguns. Game Difficulty and Hardcore Mode Game Difficulty. I've also previously beaten Vanilla F3 and NV on Very Hard over the years. ?. Very hard is def doable, but requires that you play a more "serious" build. High lockpick/science doesn't get you anything special whatsoever, or really anything at all (I found one very hard that was EMPTY), BUT I found that it was extremely convenient to have 100 in each. Fallout: New Vegas - Very Hard Difficulty Play Through I'll be purchasing Fallout: New Vegas for the third time this year at Gamestop today (Discs kept scratching from use.). I'm gonna start TTW and do a Fallout 3 Hardcore Mode play-through.