Some French learning podcasts are free – including transcripts of the episodes. Coffee Break French offers a large volume of online lessons in podcast form. Thousands of people took to the streets in Paris and other French cities to protest a proposed security law they say would impinge on freedom of information. But it’s also important to listen to things in regular spoken French as well, so that you’ll be able to understand French speakers in everyday life – not to mention French movies, shows, and even other French podcasts. Then download comprehensive PDF Lesson Guides with transcripts, details grammatical explanations, cultural points of interest, and more. Then, he breaks it down, defining and repeating each word or phrase. À l’hôtel. Il fait même parti du programme scolaire dans plusieurs pays. PO Box 166, … You can often have the podcast transcripts in the BLOG . Passer un savon. TRANSCRIPT : Le Petit Prince. For that honesty and reassurance, bravo, Johan! Outline. A transcript of this episode is available at If you like the idea of being able to share the daily life of a real French person, this slowness (she’s probably reading a text she’s written) makes it all ring false, regardless of how true her words might be. We update our page with a new natural, authentic conversation in French each week (on Sunday). This article contains affiliate links. I prefer the upper intermediate lessons since they are just about 100% French and so don't waste half the podcast with English...but still I'd need transcripts for any words I didn't know for an extra guide as to what's being said. Just scroll down the website’s main page and click on the “More Info” box for your level. Like all podcasts, you can, of course, donate to support the hosts/producers if you want. It certainly isn’t the only podcast you should use to learn French, but it makes for a moment of beauty and a way to learn something about French culture, which is why even as a fluent French-speaker, I’m going to be listening to this one regularly! Outline. Language learning podcasts can be a great way to realize that you’re not alone, and they can also give you some very helpful tips when it comes to some of the challenges you’re facing. Il va rencontrer l’aviateur perdu dans le désert mais surtout un renard qui lui va lui apprendre des choses importantes. Présentation. Want to clarify some details? I would say that if you don’t mind paying for access to these podcasts, they could be helpful, but with so many other free options (as you’ll see from the rest of this list), they didn’t particularly stand out to me as being so remarkable as to be worth the investment. Podcast français facile Much like Daily French Pod, anyone can listen to and learn from Podcast français facile, but it may be the most beneficial to beginners. Il va aussi rencontrer le serpent qui va l’aider à rentrer sur son astéroïde pour retrouver sa rose qu’il a quittée et dont il est amoureux. Since it’s a technically a radio show from French radio station RTL, unlike most podcasts, it simply involves an announcer and the occasional interview – there’s no music to set the mood or other similar features you might find in a typical podcast. For example, when Mark suggests holding your nose to practice the nasal sound of Non, he then remarks that he’s imagining people all around the world holding their noses right now. This means French Together may earn a commission for purchases made through these links. Some use regular spoken French, while others use slow French. Ce passage est bien représentatif du livre en général. L’auteur, à travers le regard innocent du petit prince, aborde ces thèmes philosophiques et nous invite à réfléchir. Vous l'avez sûrement remarqué avec le rythme de publication erratique de ce podcast (sans parler de la chaîne YouTube !). Podcasts are delivered in an easy-to-use portable format that allows you to learn when you want and at your own pace. Listen online, no signup necessary. The advanced courses include a native French speaker, who does most of the talking/reading. 15 Eclectic French Podcasts That Advanced Learners Will Love 1. Personally, I find it hard to locate the podcasts on their site, and when using a podcast site like Player FM, I’ve found that most of the options are actually just ads for Frenchpod101, not podcasts unto themselves. Intermediate. But it turns out that each Easy French Poetry podcast is simply the poem read twice, slowly and clearly. Ce livre raconte l’histoire d’un petit garçon (le petit prince) qui quitte sa petite planète pour voyager vers d’autres planètes et qui va finalement arriver sur la Terre et rencontrer le narateur : un aviateur perdu dans le désert. Let’s look at the pros and cons of some of the best French learning podcasts. Coffee Break French is a cheerful, charming French podcast hosted by Mark, a Scottish man who teaches French. Premium Content. That said, you can also watch these podcasts in their original video form. You can purchase additional learning materials, including an explanation of the poems (also in French), as well. Even if neither of these three in particular speak to you, they should show that French podcasts are extremely diverse. Of course, podcasts aren’t just for people learning French – there are podcasts for and by native French speakers, too. You can also have free access to the transcripts, if you subscribe to the newsletter. These are typically podcasts … You can find beginner-level podcasts she posted as long as ten years ago on sites like Player FM  and Apple Podcasts, but there are only 15 of these. Recent episodes include an interview with a French scientist studying magnets at a Florida university, a discussion with a French psychologist, and a conversation with a French driving instructor. I would even go so far as to recommend it to beginners solely for listening/pronunciation/cadence purposes, since they probably won’t be able to understand much yet. Le Petit Prince est une œuvre d’Antoine de Saint-Exupéry publiée pour la première fois en 1943 à New York, aux. Très rapidement après sa parution  Le Petit Prince  connaît un immense succès. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry était, comme le narateur du Petit Prince, réellement aviateur et il est lui aussi réellement tombé en panne avec son avion dans le désert. More French listening practice – French transcript with click-to-reveal English translation and links to related grammar lessons; Listening Practice. However, had no way to really practice my oral comprehension with a known context. But don’t worry – she talks very slowly and clearly. Speaking only in French, Laetitia will start talking about something mundane, for example, an episode of a TV show she watched, and then, as these kinds of conversations often do, she’ll go into another, related topic. Des centaines d'exercices avec des dialogues, du vocabulaire, de la grammaire, de la conjugaison. Each episode includes notes with definition of some of the more obscure vocabulary used, as well as a few comprehension questions and answers. And there’s such a wide range of topics that you’ll learn a lot of new vocabulary. What’s great about this podcast is that it’s great for beginners but there’s a nice enough mix of information, tips, and tricks that even advanced learners won’t be bored listening to it. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.”, “Tu es responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé.”, ” C’est le temps que tu as perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante.”. It’s an interesting mix of topics and voices – in every sense of the word. Podcasts in French are perhaps the best way to fit French learning into your busy, fast-paced life. You can read about her adventures here, or feel free to stop by her website. Latest was FV 122 INTERVIEW: With planetary scientist François Forget (Part 1). Its a really versatile way of asking questions in French and it will really boost your French. There are days when you feel great and optimistic, and other days where you feel, well, the opposite. Two very popular French learning podcasts that aren’t free, Free French podcasts for all levels/beginners, French podcasts for intermediate and advanced learners. 10 Podcasts in French You Shouldn’t Miss. Jessica begins by introducing the episode in English and giving a very brief summary of what’s to come, and the rest of the interview is in French. You can also pay for a course. 6 décembre 2020 . They let you get a sense of French culture, and all you have to do is put on a set of headphones. Alysa Salzberg is an American writer, worrier, teacher, and cookie enthusiast who has lived in Paris, France, for more than a decade. Il est l’auteur d’autres livres importants comme Vol de nuit ou Terre des hommes. Il vit sur une autre planète, très très petite ou plus exactement sur un astéroïde : l’astéroïde B 612. If you want to stay up to date with what’s going on in France and around the world while practicing your listening skills, stay tuned as … Cost: The podcast and transcripts are free. Cost: The podcasts are free, but you can also purchase additional learning tools and lessons. Ce livre est très original dans sa forme mais aussi dans son contenu : – il s’adresse à des enfants mais en même temps à des adultes ; – il  ressemble  à un conte mais aussi à un petit roman ; – sous une première apparence simple, il aborde des thèmes profonds et philosophiques. French audio with transcripts. There are three levels, and a very wide range of topics are covered. À la suite d’un chagrin d’amour, il a décidé de quitter son astéroïde et de partir explorer les autres planètes pour trouver des amis. It seems to me that a lot’s changed. The online course also features the full transcript of both episodes, along with vocabulary and explanations. Try thinking of them as a way to train your ear and/or as a supplement your classes at school or online. Le petit prince va alors apparaître soudainement, comme surgit de nulle part. He’s very positive, but in a realistic, extremely French way. With our selection of … more. Season 4 Free Podcasts. Cost: The podcast and a list of selected vocabulary, as well as links to other resources, are free. Beginner level podcasts feature native speakers’ words explained by a native English speaker after the dialogue or information is said in French, while Advanced level podcasts are entirely in French, with vocabulary explained in French, by a native French speaker. A1 Proficiency Test. 2 décembre 2020. A part of language learning is also understanding culture, history, and traditions. Another downside is that the beginner episodes seem somewhat advanced, to me. Vous l'avez sûrement remarqué avec le rythme de publication erratique de ce podcast (sans parler de la chaîne YouTube !). These sort of little side comments make for a fun and relaxed ambiance. Do an online search for “podcasts about French ____” (the blank is whatever interests you – culture, history, movies, TV series, life, etc.) Il a disparu en mer lors d’une mission aérienne au large de Marseille le 31 juillet 1944 à l’âge de 44 ans. If you’re on a budget, not to worry! En Route avec Coffee Break French . More advanced levels are like typical dialogues or podcasts. E86 Les effets psychologiques du confinement. Les podcasts Français Authentique sont disponibles ici mais aussi sur iTunes, Soundcloud et toutes les applications de podcasts. Le  Petit Prince a un musée au Japon, un opéra au États-Unis et en Allemagne, une comédie musicale en France et en Corée. 3 December 2020. Fifty Best French Podcasts For 2020. Beginner level audio/podcasts are usually a spoken list of vocabulary, first in French, then in English. Still others can only be accessed by paying for them. Grand reportage, Radio France International “On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. Et cela plaît tout de suite au petit prince. You can find a list of the most currently popular French podcasts here. L’ouvrage, a été vendu à plus de 134 millions d’exemplaires dans le monde, et il a été traduit en 220 langues. Have you listened to any of these French learning (or French) podcasts? Most French learning podcasts are tied to a learning platform, so you will probably hear ads or feel that you need to become a (usually paying) subscriber in order to access supplemental features. Learn French listening to French podcasts made by French teacher Pierre. Something you couldn't quite understand? Cost: The podcast is free. Il est à côté de son avion, tombé en panne. These may be individual episodes of other podcasts, or entire podcasts unto themselves. In the podcasts, you listen to a student taking French lessons and you learn with her. The best podcasts are produced very professionally, and they’re often fre… Personally, the free episodes I’ve listened to  show that the headlines seem to be well selected and enjoyably presented, so if you are planning to invest in a paid podcast subscription, this could be a good choice. For example, in a recent episode, “Comment parler comme un français”, he starts out by telling listeners that they will never speak like a French person, since they’re not native speakers – but that this is okay. J’apprécie souvent d’oublier, en vous … French Together founder Benjamin wrote this helpful article about the pros and cons of slow French,  and how you can turn audio into slow French if necessary. DailyFrenchPod “Daily audio lessons, exercises and learning guides are entirely produced from Paris by French university … This is a 10-minute news broadcast by Radio France Internationale (RFI), read slowly and clearly, accompanied by a transcript. Listen to the trailer now! Read More. Still others can only be accessed by paying for them. Most French learning podcasts are tied to a learning platform, so you will probably hear ads or feel that you need to become a (usually paying) subscriber in order to access supplemental features. A podcast is a series of audio or video episodes that you can subscribe to for free. Still, they provide a great introduction and should be a more than helpful way of determining if you want to go further into learning French with Alexa. Podcast: Play in new window | Download. Managing Podcasts; Ask a general question; Provide Feedback; Report a problem; Lesson Guides. This podcast is in English but is actually focused specifically on French. And since English isn’t the only language podcasts come in, we’ll also check out some French podcasts that advanced learners and fluent speakers may want to give a listen. When I started listening I had a reasonable level of comprehension of written French. Survival French Phrases. 2 minutes | 8 days ago Trailer Season 5 The Duolingo French Podcast is back with new episodes starting December 15, 2020. Freakonomics has sold more than five million copies in 40 languages, and the podcast has been a major success, too. Cost: About 15 podcasts are free (available on third-party sites (links above), but you’ll have to pay for additional podcasts, as well as lessons and learning materials. Cost: The podcast is free to listen to, and if you listen via the official site, you’ll see a few vocabulary words and exercises for free below it. Learning a language can take its toll on you. Le langage simple utilisé dans le livre est facilement abordable pour les enfants mais c’est aussi un instrument très adapté à une description symbolique de la vie. In case you didn’t get the memo, learning French through podcasts is extremely effective. Ils représentent en quelque sorte les nombreuses absurdités et contradictions du monde des adultes. The “Advanced” ones are quite advanced, indeed, spoken at slightly slower speed than usual (but then again, the idea of the podcast I was listening to was that the speaker was reading an email, not having a real-time conversation), but not really anything much different from what I might hear in Paris every day. Dans chaque rencontre un ou plusieurs thèmes philosophiques sont abordés : l’absurdité de l’homme, le jugement, la vérité…. If you’re a podcast fan, there are loads of podcasts (in English) about French culture, history, and other aspects of French life. The first thing that came to mind when I listened to this podcast is “legit”! I listen to the podcast a few times, then study the lesson guide, and listen to the podcast again. Each lesson consists of audio and an accompanying PDF Lesson Guide. French learning podcasts use different strategies. Podcast. Spanish French English. On the website, you can find the transcript and an English translation. Ce livre raconte l’histoire d’un petit garçon (le petit … Intermediate French Podcast with Transcript. Menu. Listen to episodes of the French Duolingo podcast for compelling, true-life stories that improve your French listening and comprehension skills. Cost: The podcasts are free, but the lesson guide for each has to be purchased. Learn French … Season 4 Online Course. Le Petit Prince est une œuvre d’Antoine de Saint-Exupéry publiée pour la première fois en 1943 à New York, aux. For example, this episode about how to use Ça va and talk about how you are involves a dialogue where a person is interrupted by their cell phone ringing and incorporates far more than basic vocabulary. Some are entirely or mostly in French, while others are primarily in English. For intermediate/advanced learners we also offer En Route avec Coffee Break French. Intermediate French Podcast 86 Episodes Episodes About 33 minutes | 11 days ago E86 Les effets psychologiques du confinement Depuis quelques mois, je suis le champion de la procrastination. One disadvantage, though: poetry, of course, often involves wordplay or unusual vocabulary and usage choices, so this shouldn’t be the only French podcast you listen to if you want to master everyday French. The podcasts here aren’t in French and most don’t specifically focus on French, but they can be a good listen for all of us who are on the journey of language learning. Before we get started, here are some things to keep in mind about French learning podcasts: If you don’t know what kind of language learner you are, give podcasts a try – but remember to always supplement them with a visual element and other ways to practice. There are four levels (“seasons”) consisting of 40 lessons each, meaning there is something for everyone. A paid subscription includes not only access to podcasts but worksheets and other helpful resources. There are about 150 bilingual listening exercises and numerous short videos on Lawless French, but if you still need more, take a look at these French sites which include high-quality audio by native speakers.. French Podcasts. Le petit prince va ensuite arriver sur la planète Terre et il va à nouveau être étonné et déçu. It seems simple enough, and at a short 4 minutes or so per podcast, it’s a great way for learners to train their ears and acquire some new vocabulary. Blog; Podcasts; Vidéos; Search for: 13 décembre 2020. Pour les enfants, chaque rencontre du petit prince représente une petite histoire jolie et amusante mais pour les adultes, chacune de ces rencontres est chargée de symboles et peut être lue comme une allégorie. Each episode, the host, Jessica, a native French speaker, interviews other native French speakers living in France and abroad, about their interesting jobs. The News in Slow French Podcast . When he discovered the Frenchpod101 podcast a few years ago, French Together founder Benjamin Houy really loved it and thought that it was an excellent resource. Now that we’ve covered their many benefits, here are 10 French podcasts that shouldn’t be missed. “Absolute beginners” podcasts involve basic vocabulary and slow speaking, and feature Mark and a beginner French student. Produced by, this podcast lets randomly chosen people speak about their thoughts and lives. (If you don't already have Acrobat Reader, you can download here.). The other levels, as well as all of the podcasts, not just selected episodes, are available via paid subscription. Transcripts are free for the first 64 episodes of the podcast; for later podcasts, they’re available for a fee. La tendresse profonde de ses textes et le charme des nombreuses aquarelles de l’auteur qui illustrent le livre ne laissent personne indifférent. 25 minutes | a month ago Le nom caché (The Hidden Name) After his grandparents’ deaths, 20-year-old Damien Bouché uncovers a family secret from World War II. 10 December 2020. Apprendre le français (FLE) gratuitement. This podcast is an excellent way to get a sense of how French people really speak. This, in fact, can be a disadvantage or an advantage, depending on what you want in a podcast. The lessons are helpful and feel very interactive and warm. Le monde des enfants,  le rêve et l’imagination face au monde sérieux et pragmatique des adultes. (Mais peu d’entre elles s’en souviennent.)”. This include custom French subtitles. Combine them to create the most relevant experience for you! A Frenchman, Louis, presents a very short news story or dialogue two times, in slow French. Il  existe aussi de nombreuses adaptations au cinéma, une bande dessinée et de nombreux enregistrements sonores. The fascinating Brain Science podcast offers its podcast transcripts for the modest fee of $1-$2. The bad thing is that while the podcast’s title implies it’s easy to listen to, even some advanced speakers might have a problem now and then keeping up. Daily French Pod is conducted entirely in French, but they do make sure to include supports for beginning learners, such as PDF transcripts. Episode #510. Learn French by Podcast is a language learning system that includes podcasts and a lesson guide. The episodes move along at a breezy clip and there’s a lot of honesty and humor around Richards’ thoughts and experiences. Richards also offers courses and other learning tools to purchase. These are typically podcasts and audio that go with learning platforms. You may see that you can sign up for a free 7-day trial, but as with any subscription, be sure that you know how to cancel it if you don’t want to continue, so that you won’t be billed. If you have an advanced or fluent level of French, these are a fantastic way to keep up your skills, learn new vocabulary, and gain insight into French culture. Learn French with news and culture. You can sync your MP3 player or smartphone with your favourite podcasts to automatically get the latest episodes. Le  Petit Prince a été classé quatrième meilleur livre au monde par les Français en 1999. and see what you discover! The aim of these podcasts is to bridge the gap between what you learnt at school and audio cds and speaking French fluently and naturally. So, rather than being an extensive French lesson, this short podcast is an excellent way to train and test your French listening skills, while also discovering (or re-discovering) some French poetry. Depuis quelques mois, je suis le champion de la procrastination. The weird thing is, despite the podcast’s very clear name, their website makes it hard to find podcasts for particular levels, and often calls podcasts by other names, like “lessons” and “guides”. You can learn and improve your French listening to the podcasts with lots of interesting topics, French lessons and a lot more. But that’s also an advantage for foreign listeners, since you can focus on the voices. 1908 — lundi 19 octobre 2020 — comment ça va en France ? level: beginner. Each episode is about something that happened in the daily life of Laetitia, the host, a Frenchwoman who lives near Paris. Au début du livre, l’aviateur est perdu dans le désert du Sahara. It actually airs on RFI (Radio France Internationale), a real French radio station. Cost: The podcast is free to listen to. Mais  le thème central du livre semble être une invitation de l’auteur à retrouver l’enfant en soi, car “toutes les grandes personnes ont d’abord été des enfants. Ce podcast s’adresse aux personnes qui apprennent le français et qui veulent améliorer leur compréhension de la langue. Give Love to the language learner in your life Customize and send a virtual gift card. This podcast discusses different aspects of TV series from France, the US, and elsewhere. Intermediate French Podcast Share RSS. Two hosts discuss this week's top stories from France and around the world. Alexa is an experienced French teacher (and native French speaker). It’s an excellent way for advanced intermediate and advanced learners to practice and learn in a stolen moment of their day. Il va demander à au narateur de lui dessiner un mouton : ” S’il vous plaît…, dessine-moi un mouton…” Mais le petit prince n’aime aucun dessin du narateur. États-Unis. Basically, this podcast is what it says: different headlines are read in slow French. Hosted by Kerstin Cable and Lindsay Williams, two enthusiastic polyglots, the podcast explores things like how to memorize vocabulary about ideas, what an indigenous language really is, and much more. In some episodes, Jessica (the same French native-speaker who hosts French Voices) will focus on vocabulary or grammar, while other episodes look at topics like how to stay motivated when learning French, or travel tips. Cost: More of an actual podcast, The Fluent Show isn’t tied to a learning platform, so it’s free to listen to and there’s no supplemental materials to purchase. Do you have a favorite French learning podcast? Jour après jour, le petit prince raconte son histoire à l’aviateur. Personally, I prefer his style to the slower one of The Fluent Show. But even if Mark’s speaking French, don’t worry – as French Together founder (and bona fide French guy) Benjamin Houy wrote in a previous article about this, Mark’s French accent is great (I am insanely jealous), so beginners are in good hands. Still, I love the fact that this podcast is short and to the point. I like the podcasts like the original Frenchpod where they look at a dialogue and then analyse it, but really I need transcripts. It seems like this podcast is best for intermediate or advanced French learners, who don’t mind sifting through lessons in order to find what they’re looking for, rather than relying on a more organized way to find it in the first place. You can also subscribe for access to more resources. Articles & Tutorials; French Voices Podcast; French Your Way Podcast; News & Updates; Search . Additional learning material is available at a cost. But if you like the Frenchpod101 system and would sign up for the lessons anyway, the podcasts are a nice part of that. This tri-weekly podcast is very much in line with the modern-day trend of social media figures like vloggers letting you into their lives (Fittingly, the podcast has its own Instagram account). But DailyFrenchPod is definitely not for beginners; while words and phrases are defined, they’re explained in French, and the overall meaning of the dialogue or news story is never explained, so you have to have a decent level of French going into it.